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  3. bruhcardi:

    when u take off ur iphone case and it feels like ur holding a newborn

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  5. If abortion and birth control become illegal



    What will happen:


    What won’t happen:

    safe sex

    What will happen:


    What won’t happen:

    safe abortions

    Can’t put it much more simply than that.

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  6. ok so. i found out more info on this leaked photo shenanigins

    someone hacked the cloud, and got multiple of hundreds of celebrities(i think all women) and released most of them at once. today. it is/was called The Fappening. now, i’m split really. like, dear god pics of jennifer lawrence, fuck yeah! but then its all, i feel bad that this happened and its never goin to go away and yeah. i dont trust the cloud. i dont have anything on the cloud. and this is why. 

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  7. defranco:

    Jennifer Lawrence and half of Hollywood seem to have had their nudes leaked.  Lets talk about that, rights to privacy, and I’d love to know your opinions on this.

    oh man. mix of emotions here. 

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